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Our specialization: is the production of magazines, brochures, catalogs and other types of periodicals. Heidelberg's state-of-the-art equipment with high productivity, automated lines for post-print processing and well-established service allow us, as of today, to print more than 100 periodicals.

Printing - offset, sheet, full color, A1+ (1000x700 mm) format.
(Circulation 500+ copies):

  1. Multiband magazine products
    (Format from A5 to A2+)
  2. Catalogs and brochures
    (Format from A6 to A3+)
  3. Posters
    (Format from A3 to A1+)

And also leaflets, flyers and other promotional products.

Post-print processing - at the request of the customer to improve the appearance and durability of printed products (anti-abrasion paint), all products can be covered with a matte or glossy colorless film (lamination). Various types of varnish - UV (ultraviolet), WD (water-dispersive) or oil (offset).

Also, we produce special-strong packaging of finished products for further transportation to all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Delivery within Almaty is free of charge.
Possible assistance in delivery across Kazakhstan is provided.

Calculation and ordering of products.

Each customer is interested in quality products for a low price. Flexible system of calculating the cost of the order allows us to provide an individual approach to each client. Therefore, we do not have fixed prices.

For preliminary calculation of the cost of printing and manufacturing of products, you can contact us by phone, email or directly by visiting our office.

Qualified managers will make all necessary calculations, will help you make an order and notify you about the terms of manufacturing.

For production
of a magazine
  • with 96 pages;
  • 4+4 color;
  • bonded with glue in a seamless fashion;
  • with a circulation of 5000 copies.
we need
48 hours.